Back in business !

As you probably have noticed, the pace of PureBasic development has slowed down these last months due to full time job for Timo and myself. I’m very aware of the situation and I decided to get back at fulltime on PureBasic early in april ! As always after taking some distance from a project, we have many new ideas to tests and implement and I’m quite excited to get back on core development. We will probably ship one or two bug fix versions and then a new major with a priority for the 64 bit Cocoaified OS X version (which is already running here, but not yet finished/tested). After that, may be some big surprises 😉

Have fun !

16 thoughts on “Back in business !

  1. mback2k

    Great news! I would really like to see some bug fix releases which focus on closing bugs, especially those listed in the Bug Reports section of the forums. Additionally it would be great if you could take a look into the Feature Request section, too.

  2. andrasch

    I would like to join in, saying: very enjoyable news! Maybe some of us already were wondering, if PureBasic was about to die away – and surely I’m not the only one, who would consider this as really sad.
    It’s good to read now, that you’re still excited and having fun working on PureBasic. So, keep it running and share this with us!

  3. zebuddi

    Great News By far the most resilient (Rad , Ide) programming enviroment to learn mess and try anything Should be promoted as THE learning tool for schools and all


  4. TI-994A

    Hello to the brilliant brains behind PureBasic!

    In the last eighteen months since I started using PureBasic, I have been kicking myself for not jumping out of the Visual Basic boat sooner. But to be really honest, until that fateful day, in January of last year, while I was surfing the net looking for a BASIC compiler for the OSX platform, I have never even heard of PureBasic. To make a long story short, I have since found in PureBasic everything that I have always wanted in a BASIC development tool, and more. For the first time in a very, very long time, BASIC has become a viable development platform for me, producing tight, fast and efficient standalaone native executables. Only wish I had found it sooner.

    Nevertheless, I’m confident that this wonderful tool will have a great future, and continue to have a great following, in the very spirit of its original conception, and that PureBasic will see many more incarnations on many more platforms to come.

    Bravo guys! Good luck for the future, and thank you!

  5. ruland

    I’ve only just begun to use PureBasic, but I’d like to say “Thank you” for this excellent development tool! I really like it very much; it’s what I was always looking for.

    Please keep up the good work, guys!

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