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PureBasic 4.41 final is out

Hello folks,

The final version of PureBasic 4.41 is out. It’s a stabilisation release, so we focused only on bug fixes and we have killed quite some :). You can grab it on your online account while it’s hot !

Have fun,

The Fantaisie Software Team.

PureBasic 4.41 RC1 Released!

Hello everybody,

The next release is here. We spent quite some time fixing bugs, so here is the 4.41 bugfix release. As you can see it is called “Release Candidate”. I will explain what the different types of releases mean for PB now:

  • Alpha Release:  These are development snapshots and are not given out to the public. Features are usually not fully finished. This is just to get some early feedback from a few people during development.
  • Beta Release:  Beta means that all new features are implemented and nothing new will be added except bugfixes (except if a feature is found to be too incomplete to be usable).
  • Release Candidate:  This is what used to be the “final beta release” before. In the release candidates we plan to fix only very critical bugs. Minor bugfixes will be postponed to the next version. We release them when we think the version is ready. At this point even people that do not try the betas should test the new version as its the last chance to discover a critical bug.  This release starts directly as a release candidate as there are no new features to test and we only need the validation that we did not break anything with our bugfixes before going to the final release. Releases that introduce new features will have a beta phase as usual.

We also plan to do these bugfix releases (like 4.31 and 4.41) in between new feature releases on a regular basis from now on, so if you are not interested that much in new features and want the most stability then you can just skip the new feature releases and use the bugfix releases only. This way the new features have been tested for a while and bugs in them have been fixed. We also plan to try to shorten the release cycle as the 4.30 and 4.40 release cycles have been way too long.

Please test the new version and tell us whether the bugs marked as fixed are indeed gone and also let us know if any new problems show up. As usual this release can be downloaded on your account on

The PureBasic Team