How we make decisions

Since we are on the issue of bug reports (see last post), here is how we made the decision to put “[Done]” in the title of fixed bugreports:

[12:32] <fr34k> this is the point were a bugtracker would be more helpful. there we could filter all solved bugs easily :)
[12:35] <AlphaSND> we already talked about that
[12:35] <AlphaSND> btw, we could change the title of the topic with [Fixed] in it, no ?
[12:35] <fr34k> true
[12:36] <AlphaSND> ok, let's do that starting from now
[12:36] <fr34k> thats a good idea actually, as often people keep posting after the "fixed", so it is no longer obvious from the last post
[12:37] <fr34k> what do we do with stuff that we determine not to fix? (not a bug, not solvable)
[12:37] <fr34k> should be marked as well
[12:37] <AlphaSND> yes
[12:37] <AlphaSND> we could put [Issue] -
[12:37] <fr34k> issue ?
[12:37] <AlphaSND> and move that in Coding Question
[12:38] <AlphaSND> Issue :p
[12:38] <AlphaSND> or [Feature] -
[12:38] <fr34k> lets just put [done] ... its shorter than [fixed] anyway :D
[12:38] <AlphaSND> [Done]
[12:38] <AlphaSND> ok
[12:39] <fr34k> [done] :p
[12:39] <AlphaSND> [Done] Damit !
[12:39] <AlphaSND> :p
[12:39] <fr34k> why ?
[12:40] <AlphaSND> because
[12:40] <fr34k> lets do it differently, so we see who fixed it :D
[12:40] <AlphaSND> man, let's be consistent :p
[12:40] <fr34k> berikco has to write [donE] :D
[12:40] <AlphaSND> :D
[12:40] <fr34k> i noticed, you also always write "Fixed" in the posts, i write "fixed."
[12:41] <fr34k> its not the beginning of a sentence, so there is no reason to write it capital. and its one more key to press damit :p
[12:42] <AlphaSND> It's a full sentence !
[12:42] <AlphaSND> Fixed.
[12:42] <AlphaSND> Uppercase, verb and dot
[12:42] <AlphaSND> :p
[12:43] <fr34k> lol, where have you been when grammar has been tought at school? :D
[12:43] <fr34k> coding probably
[12:43] <AlphaSND> :)
[12:44] <fr34k> now what? :)
[12:44] <AlphaSND> now what what ?
[12:44] <fr34k> i just fixed a bug, what do i write ?
[12:44] <fr34k> the rebell in me wants to write [done] :D
[12:45] <AlphaSND> [Done] -
[12:45] <AlphaSND> i'm the older here :p
[12:45] <fr34k> lol
[12:46] <fr34k> why the " - " btw ? 3 more keys!
[12:46] <AlphaSND> mannnnn !
[12:46] <AlphaSND> to differentiate of the original topic :)
[12:47] <fr34k> hey, i am just trying to optimze here
[12:47] <fr34k> "[Done] - 4.10 and 4.20 Beta 2 - Odd bug"
[12:47] <fr34k> "[done] 4.10 and 4.20 Beta 2 - Odd bug"
[12:47] <fr34k> so much better
[12:47] <AlphaSND> if you fix the bug faster than typing 2 two keys, ok
[12:47] <AlphaSND> the first one is indeed much more sexy ;)
[12:48] <fr34k> compromize: either the D or the "-" has to go ;)
[12:49] <AlphaSND> man, you're damn cra
[12:49] <AlphaSND> zy
[12:49] <fr34k> oh well, i have to go, food time. we'll continue this! :)
[12:49] <AlphaSND> let's remove the - then
[12:49] <fr34k> ha, success :D
[12:49] <AlphaSND> and eidt the 3 i did
[12:49] <fr34k> ok
[13:00] <AlphaSND>
[13:00] <AlphaSND> could you look at it, i can't find what's wrong with it
[13:21] <fr34k> re
[13:28] <fr34k> the mdi one is "[donE]" :D
[13:29] <AlphaSND> mouarf :)

In the end, i am glad we dropped the ” – “, because i am already having a hard enough time putting the “[Done]” in some of the bugreport titles. People use too descriptive titles in the bug forum it seems. Anyway, we are usually very much on the same page when it comes to the direction that PureBasic should take so big discussions are quite rare. But if we disagree, it gets tough! 😀

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