PureBasic 4.40 Beta1 released!

The wait is finally over. The first beta of our brand new v4.40 release hits the public. It brings exciting new features in all areas:

  • On the compiler side there is the new ‘Threaded’ scope keyword to create thread-local variables and the new ‘.a’ and ‘.u’ native types for unsigned byte/word.
  • On the Library side there is the new ‘Map’ library to have easy hash-maps, and a completly rewritten 2DDrawing library with Sprite/ScreenOutput() even for OpenGl (slow though) and cool alpha-channel and gradient support for ImageOutput().
  • And finally, the IDE gets a much improved AutoComplete and Project management!
  • Not to forget, there is also a brand new x64 Version for Linux available!

You can find the new version on your download account on http://www.purebasic.com/

To better explain the new features, we put together some examples which can be found here: http://www.purebasic.com/beta/v440_examples.zip

Now it is up to you to help us make this new version as solid as possible. Please report any problems you have with this new version in our bug forums. Expecially the Linux x64 version needs much testing as it is brand new, and the IDE because of the massive changes that were needed for the Project management.

Here is the full changelog:

- Added: Linux x64
- Added: Map Library for hash tables
- Added: 'Threaded' Keyword for thread-local variables
- Added: Structure assignment copies the structure (a.point = b.point)
- Added: ClearStructure(*Pointer, Structure)
- Added: AES to cipher library: AESEncoder(), AESDecoder(), StartAESCipher(), AddCipherBuffer(), FinishCipher()
- Added: Dylib for OS X
- Added: Trim/LTrim/RTrim() got an optional character to trim
- Added: Added #PB_Function, #PB_OSFunction, #PB_Map to Defined()
- Added: ReverseString(String$), InsertString(String$, StringToInsert$, Position), RemoveString(String$, RemoveString$ [, Mode [, StartPosition [, NbOccurences]]])
- Added: Add blob support to databases
- Added: Added peephole optimizer to 64 bit versions to produce better code
- Added: '.a' (ascii) and '.u' (unicode) native type to provide native unsigned byte and word.
- Added: FileBuffersSize(#PB_Default, ...): #PB_Default support change the buffersize to the next opened files
- Added: #PB_URL_Protocol to Get/SetURLPart()
- Added: #PB_Shadow_TextureAdditive
- Added: FTPDirectoryEntryRaw(), FillMemory(Memory, Value, Size [, Type])
- Added: Global, Protected, Threaded, Shared and Static now accept a type to affect all default variable declaration.

- Added: AddWindowTimer(), RemoveWindowTimer(), #PB_Event_Timer, EventTimer()
- Added: #PB_Window_Tool - create tool windows
- Added: StatusBarProgress()
- Added: StatusBarImage() - now supports normal images (not just icons)
- Added: #PB_Checkbox_ThreeState flag to create a 3 state checkbox (state values: #PB_CheckBox_Checked, #PB_CheckBox_Unchecked, #PB_CheckBox_Inbetween)
- Added: ShortcutGadget()

- Added: CreateImageMenu(), CreatePopupImageMenu() for OSX
- Added: Full alphachannel support for all GUI elements that display images 
- Added: Full alphachannel support for Image lib 

- Added: New drawing modes for 2DDrawing in ImageOutput()
   - #PB_2DDrawing_AlphaBlend
   - #PB_2DDrawing_AlphaClip
   - #PB_2DDrawing_AlphaChannel
   - #PB_2DDrawing_Gradient

- Added: LinearGradient(), BoxedGradient(), CircularGradient(), EllipsicalGradient(), ConicalGradient(), 

- Added: GradientColor(), ResetGradientColors()
- Added: DrawAlphaImage() for all outputs on all OS
- Added: DrawAlphaImage() has a new transparency parameter and can be used to draw non-alpha images part transparent

- Added: QuickDraw subsystem for WindowOutput() on OSX
- Added: Sprite/ScreenOutput for OpenGL (all OS)
- Added: DrawingFont() works for SDL output!
- Added: OutputWidth(), OutputHeight(), OutputDepth() for 2DDrawing
- Added: GrabDrawingImage(), DrawRotatedText()
- Added: RGBA(), Alpha()

- Added #PB_PixelFormat_ReversedY - for pixel buffers that are stored upside-down (Windows ImageOutput or OpenGl)
- Removed: #PB_Image_DisplayFormat is now deprecated (value set to 32 to have 32bit as default)

- Added: #PB_OS_Windows_7 for OSVersion()

- Updated: OGRE to 1.6.2, sqlite, PCRE to 7.9

- Changed: Call(C)Function(Fast) parameters have been changed from 'Any' to 'Integer'.
- Fixed: Image Decoders are now threadsafe

PureBasic IDE:
- Added: Highlight matching keyword for keyword under cursor (tied to BraceMatching color setting) 
- Added: Edit->Goto matching keyword
- Added: PB_TOOL_Preferences Environment variable for IDE tools
- Added: Theme management to customize menu icons
- Added: New 'Silk' theme based on the Iconsset by Mark James

- Added: Autocomplete scans implicit variable declaration and respects scope
- Added: Structure item autocomplete

- Added: Project Management:
      - Autocomplete for all files within a project (even if not opened)
      - Multiple compiler settings for different compile targets
      - Compile all compile targets at once
      - Per-Project list of last opened files
      - Project ToolsPanel tool for fast access to the project files

- Changed: moved encoding/newline setting from compiler options to file menu

- Improved: greatly improved VariableViewer update speeds
- Added: progressbar display if VariableViewer update takes long
- Added: column sort capability to VariableViewer (Windows Only)

If you are wondering where the parallel optimized sort functions are that i talked about in the blog, unfortunately these did not make it into this version. There were some problems and unfinished things in them and there just was not enough time to finish it for this version. Don’t worry though, it will be in the next one for sure 🙂

Have fun with this version!

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