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 Post subject: Bug Posting Rules! Read before submitting
PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:01 am 

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Some of these are copied/borrowed form the PB bugs section, so it should be familiar.

    1. Are you using the latest version of TailBite and PureBasic? Many bugs are fixed in new releases, and you may still be using an old version.

    2. Have you triple-checked your code? Sometimes we make the simplest of mistakes, and post "bugs" only to find out we forgot something.

    3. Does your code work as an include? If not, then it is not related to TB. Do not post a bug if you have not tested.

    4. If you've found something that seems to be a real bug, then to narrow it down to a small section of code, and post that code with your report. It's hard to help if we can't see exactly what you're doing.
    If we cannot produce the error with the code you post, we cannot help!

    5. Check the known issues topic! It may not be something we can fix viewtopic.php?f=26&t=37839
    SEARCH THE FORUM! There may be an explanation as to why something isn't working in a previous topic

    6. Know where the TailBite log is! We may need it. If the problem is something about a UserLib not being made, look through it to check the paths are correct, and if that doesn't solve it, post the log (with quote or code tags) with your report.

    7. If it is an asm error, make a commented asm (/commented PBCompiler option) of your code snippet and post it along with the ASM error text. (if you can post the errored ASM file too that would help)

    8. Before reporting a bug, can you replicate it on another PC, if possible? Perhaps your own PC has damaged/missing files, or you've changed its configuration. Try to test on a standard OS install, if you possibly can. If not, that's fine, but it definitely helps.

    9. Post a description of the bug with the code (not just code alone). We'd like to know what the the problem actually is, instead of just running your code and hoping the problem will be obvious.

    10. Please include the PureBasic/TailBite version in which the bug has been discovered in your report (Including beta versions.) Different PB version have different ASM outputs.

    11. Include which Operating System your PC is running. Sometimes a bug is limited to an earlier version of Windows, for example, and may not apply to higher versions.

    12. Read the doc twice, just to be sure you didn't have missed something obvious.

    13. Once a bug as been reported, please don't 'bump' the topic by adding a new post like 'this bug is till not fixed in the new release'. We are aware about it. We read all the bugs, if it's not set as 'Fixed', then we haven't found a solution yet

    14. Do NOT post a new and unrelated problem in the same thread as a previous one, especially if it has been marked as done/fixed.

Demonio Ardente

Currently managing Linux & OS X Tailbite
OS X TailBite now up to date with Windows!

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