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OpenGL small Engine

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Hello !

Firstly, sorry for my bad english :oops: and i don't speak german too
Secondly, i make a small engine3D using OpenGL (not subsystem, he don't work)
This is a simple Engine, i don't envisage a make a big Engine for create HL3 or Doom 14 :D
he's not finaly, it misses Light or volumetric shadow (i work on)
With this , you can move with a FreeFly Camera type, using keyboard(ZSQD) and mouse.
The engine can load a simple mesh file (.ase), i work too for load other file type.
The engine is OpenSource :


Known bug :

- Strafe don't work when the angle of camera is at -90 or + 90
- Camera Fluidity is not very good.

And here , you can download a demo of Stencil & Reflection (Original code from NeHe)


Enjoy !
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Very nice! ... but liitle bit slowly. Does it depends on PB?
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