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Prefer local-custom winlp32.exe to open *.hlp files.
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Author:  K1m0n [ Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Prefer local-custom winlp32.exe to open *.hlp files.

Suggestion: prefer local (or custom path) winlp32.exe to open *.hlp files.

On Windows, PB IDE uses system's winhlp32.exe (if/when available) to open *.hlp files.

Unfortunately, M$ decided to eol winhlp32.exe on anything > Win 8.1.
System calls to winhlp32 on Win 10 will be greeted with a window saying hlp files are not supported bla-bla-bla.
Manually installing winhlp32.hlp on Win 10 can be a pain,
and when installed system-wide it will be probably be lost on the next major Windows upgrade.

HLP files are obsolete, but useful when one needs to
quickly check an api command on win32.hlp

Proposed solution:
Use local (local = as in PB home directory or \Help, or \whatever) winhlp32.exe to open *.hlp files if available,
or provide an option to set a path to winhlp32.exe.
That way the user can easily use winhlp32.exe from its previous* Win install if so desires.

*earlier versions do seem to operate ok on win 10 x86/64.


Ooops.. I just realized I posted in General.
Sorry, it was meant to be in feature requests.
If a mod can please do move to correct category.

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