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 Post subject: Re: New scripting engine - testers wanted!
PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 6:09 pm 
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Hi everyone,
and special thanks to srod for this piece or code art :)
The concep of an expasible script engine sounds great!!!

I'm an active reader of PB foruns, but only I've write something in several years (and may be it was in the German forum)

I have a project that needs a scripting engine.
I was working with PBScript for years because it was easy to adapt PB code to an script and it was very simple to create an hybrid app where scructures, Lists and Functions are shared by host app and scripts.
Problems was to be stuck in PB v5.31 (I use the userlib to compile an standalone .exe) and a few bugs that make scripts crashes sometimes. and there no way to get the source code to fixit and make it compatible with newer PB versions.

Recently I discovered this new and great script engine (I do not strongly test it due to the lack of documentation),
and I have seriously thought to migrate to minScript from PBScript, it's a lot or work because I have over 1,5Mb of PBScrips to migrate, but I need to jail-break from the PBScript bugs and PB v5.31 limitations.

For anyone that kowns something about minScript project:
It is still active?
It is possible to pass PB structures to script engine and work with it (read, assign values of structure elemens), I read about the term CLASS, may be it can be used for that?

There is a way to work with PB List / Maps or analog data types in the scripts? Also I miss the FOREACH/NEXT keyworks to work with these type of data.
I had several PB Lists and Maps declared and filled by the host app, but I like to be used in the scripts (without using a lot of helper functions to work with each List or map)

Loops have the BREAK keywork but I miss the CONTINUE keywork, I think it may be useful to avoid extra IF conditios to skip code in a loop.

Keywork: SELECT / CASE / ENDCASE works with lots of implicit OR (for example DIM Fruit AS STRING : SELECT Fruit : CASE "orange", "grapefruit", "mandarin", "lime": ENDSELECT) ?

And last but not least,
I see that minScrips work in threaded mode, this means that can be posible that an script (for example a main function script) should run other scripts in one or more threads?

Also I will like the possibility to use an script as a pointer for a callback function (to use with SetWindowCallback, for example). The idea is to compile the script, gen an entry address and execute the code by the callback (it's no problem to use a PB helper function for the callback itself, an this function will execute the compiled script)

Sorry for the big post, but I need to make a list of pros and cons to move to minScript

Thanks for any help in my questions,

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