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Author:  BackupUser [ Mon Nov 05, 2001 8:42 am ]
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Restored from previous forum. Originally posted by wavemaker.


Just downloaded the 2.60 version, and I can't find the documentation on the new library format. Tough, my old libraries keep working so I don't know where's the change.

Sin() and Cos(), although not documented, seem to work, with radians. This makes sense since the FPU uses radians, and conversion to degrees should be up to the programmer. Tan() gives definetely wrong results (always 1).

StrF() -still undocumented- also seems to work now.

I don't understand why the documentation is not updated correctly: the new libraries documentation must be searched in it's directory, it's not linked from Reference.html.

Well, I'll give it a deeper look and see. Great work, Fred!


Juan Calderón Alonso
Registered user

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