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IDE 5.20b5 Multiple Modules / same procedure name
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Author:  aonyn [ Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  IDE 5.20b5 Multiple Modules / same procedure name

Hi Fred,

I just noticed in 5.20 beta 5, if you have more than one module, and both have a procedure of the same name, the parameter list at the bottom of the IDE gets confused.
It will always show the parameter list of the first procedure encountered in the code with that name, ignoring the current module namespace.

In my case, both modules have a procedure called Init()
Each Init() has a unique parameter list, but the IDE always looks at the parameter list of the first module I have XIncludeFile added to my main pb file.
I am accessing the modules using ModuleName::Procedure()

BTW, Thank you again for modules, I am reorganizing some of my current project includes as modules, and so far, I love modules.
The module feature is one of my long time PB wishes, and your implementation thus far is working well for me :D


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