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beta3 5.70, scintilla ide error.
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Author:  jassing [ Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:47 am ]
Post subject:  beta3 5.70, scintilla ide error.

I can't easily replicate it; but it has happened 3 times now.
I have two copies of the ide open, not sharing files.
I have several tabs open in each.
What seems trigger it is
on at least 4 files/tabs:
compile/run (F5) the file.
then close it when done.
Switch to a different tab (vs. the one it defaults to)

Like I said, it is not easy to replicate, but those seem like they are the steps I have done each time I got a crash.

Error has been the same all 3 times

Close & switch tabs in editor

Error: Invalid memory access
File: c:\purebasi...\ScintillaHilightning.pb
Line: 3827
id build on 11/19/2018 [22:59] by Fred
Branch v5.70 Revision: 1832

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