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Form Designer doesnt allow '+' or '-' in keyboard Shortcuts
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Author:  Keya [ Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:31 am ]
Post subject:  Form Designer doesnt allow '+' or '-' in keyboard Shortcuts

Using + as the Shortcut results in the following code which prevents compile:
AddKeyboardShortcut(#Window0, #PB_Shortcut_ | #PB_Shortcut_, #menuitem)

Im assuming its parser is at fault when looking for combinations, eg "Ctrl+A", but + is of course a valid key and should map to #PB_Shortcut_Add

- also fails:
AddKeyboardShortcut(#Window0, #PB_Shortcut_-, #menuitem)
#PB_Shortcut_- doesnt exist, and should map to #PB_Shortcut_Subtract

My ungainly but effective workaround is to remove the Shortcut from the menu item in the designer, and manually reset menu text (required to add the $Tab + Shortcut part) and manually add the keyboard shortcut in my startup code:
  SetMenuItemText(0,#mnuZoomIn, "Zoom In"+#TAB$+"+")
  AddKeyboardShortcut(#Window0, #PB_Shortcut_Add, #mnuZoomIn)

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