Bug with .l PB6 a3 - ASM ????

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Bug with .l PB6 a3 - ASM ????

Post by drgolf »

This code compile with pb 5.73 but not with pb6 a3 -ASM

with fileid.l : error message : le #file n"est pas initialisé
with fileid.i : no error.

with pb6 a3 C backend : compile in both case.

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Define StreamData.EDITSTREAM 
  Define  FileID.l ,file.s
  file="put here a valid file name"
  FileID = ReadFile(#PB_Any, file) 
  If FileID 
    StreamData\dwCookie = FileID(FileID) 
    StreamData\dwError = #Null 
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Re: Bug with .l PB6 a3 - ASM ????

Post by STARGÅTE »

It is no bug in PB. It is a bug in your code.

All Pure Basic Libraries return an Integer (64bit/32bit) as ID. Using a Long is not valid!
It works in pb 5.73 just randomly, because the number was small.
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