TextCorrection (Linux)

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TextCorrection (Linux)

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TextCorrection (Linux)



video example of how it works

If you have 2 languages ​​in your keyboard layout, sometimes you are typing in the wrong layout. You may not enter the text again, but fix it automatically by replacing the letters of one keyboard layout with another. This works anywhere where text is entered (in the browser, in the chat, in the editor, in the address bar, in the input field). You can also perform the following operations on text:
  • -r Convert keyboard layout
  • -a Replacement of abbreviations
  • -n lowercase
  • -k Capitalization
  • -t Transliteration
You need to create global hotkeys in your DE to call the program. Running the program without parameters shows the action menu. You can activate the selected action with a command line parameter. For example "text-correction -r". The program will automatically select the word to the right of the cursor, convert it and insert it back. If a word or long line is already selected, then what is selected will be converted without automatic word selection.

At the moment I do not know how to make language support for Linux. Translate the lines in the source into your language and compile

I already wrote this program in another language (Windows XP...10).

Switch the language layout to immediately continue typing in the correct layout (programmatically switching function was not found).
Invert letter case
Restoring the case of the first letter when replasing abbreviations. Not used yet, since all inserts are already in capital letters.
Running Help in your default browser
Add Shift-Home line selection mode with keyboard layout conversion with the -rs parameter, not a rare case.
Support for internationality, language in /usr/share/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES
Define the system language to specify the correct path to the help.