[Module] Secure File Container (all OS)

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[Module] Secure File Container (all OS)

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Secure File Container - Module (All OS / 64Bit)
  • Merges all data files of a program into one container
  • Files are securely encrypted when a password is set (qAES-encryption)
  • Files are unpacked only when needed and automatically moved back into the container when it is closed.
  • Resources such as XML, JSON, images and strings can be read directly from and written to the container.

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; SFC::Create()            - create a new file container
; SFC::Open()              - open an existing file container
; SFC::Close()             - close the file container
; SFC::AddFile()           - add a file to the file container
; SFC::UseFile()           - use the file (=> decrypt it and extract it from the container)

; SFC::AddXML()            - add XML as file to the container
; SFC::UseXML()            - load XML directly from the container 
; SFC::AddJSON()           - add JSON as file to the container
; SFC::UseJSON()           - load JSON directly from the container 
; SFC::AddImage()          - add Image as file to the container
; SFC::UseImage()          - load Image directly from the container 
; SFC::AddText()           - add string as file to the container
; SFC::UseText(s)          - load string directly from the container 
; SFC::ProgressProcedure() - define procedure to show progress
; SFC::IsProgID()          - check whether the container has the correct ProgID.
; SFC::IsCorrectKey()      - check if the key is correct.
; SFC::GetInfo()           - get container infos (ProgID/Author/Titel/Subject/Creator)
; SFC::SetInfo()           - change container infos (ProgID/Author/Titel/Subject/Creator)
Download: SecureFileContainer.pbi
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Re: [Module] Secure File Container (all OS)

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Works fine here, thanks for sharing 8)
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