OGG vorbis Comment Editor

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OGG vorbis Comment Editor

Post by collectordave »

Hi All

Think this is now at a Beta test stage.

I have been testing with PB 5.7 Beta 3 on windows 7 64 bit.

When starting there are three items on the main window.

Select from the menu Load and then select an ogg file.

This will load the ogg file. The left hand list box will hold the COMMENTS found in the file.

Click any of these and if it is a text based comment it will be displayed in the central edit gadget. If image based it will be displayed in the image box on the right. (jpeg only)

If no comments are displayed then none exist in the file.

Be aware that some ogg files have been tagged with ID3 tags! these are ignored and will not be written back to the file when saved. ome tag editors also add more than one COMMENT of the same type these can be sorted, there should only be one comment of each type at the most in the file.

You can add\Edit and delete text comments. After editing a text based comment allways click the save tag button this saves the edited tag internaly ready to be written to the file.

You can also Add and delete images. Only four supported at the moment.

You cannot add more than one image of any type.

Here is a link to the code. https://www.dropbox.com/s/504f8ikqjawaw ... t.zip?dl=0

If anyone can test on other platforms etc please post results here.


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Re: OGG vorbis Comment Editor

Post by wilbert »

It seems to work fine. :)

A few remarks ...
- on macOS the text inside the buttons doesn't fit. If you want it cross platform, it would be good to make the buttons a bit wider.
- The temporary ogg file isn't removed after editing.
macOS 10.15 Catalina, Windows 10
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