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TailBite v1.4.11 and PureBasic 5.11 Windows x64
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Author:  User_Russian [ Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:23 pm ]
Post subject:  TailBite v1.4.11 and PureBasic 5.11 Windows x64

Why TailBite create executable EXE file instead of a library? :shock: :shock:
ProcedureDLL MemLib_HeapCreate(flOptions.l, dwInitialSize.i, dwMaximumSize.i)
  ProcedureReturn $1234
  !public _Procedure0 as '_HeapCreate@12'
  !public __imp__HeapCreate
  !dd _Procedure0
TailBite Error
PBCompiler: /COMMENTED /DEBUGGER /EXE "C:\Temp\Tmp\TBTemp\261CE4A212492943\PureBasic.exe"

PureBasic 5.11 (Windows - x64)
Compiling C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\2.pb
Loading external libraries...
Starting compilation...
8 lines processed.
Creating executable "C:\Temp\Tmp\TBTemp\261CE4A212492943\PureBasic.exe".
Error: Linker
POLINK: error: Relocation type ADDR32 is invalid without /LARGEADDRESSAWARE:NO, for symbol '.code'.

Author:  mpz [ Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TailBite v1.4.11 and PureBasic 5.11 Windows x64

Hi User_Russian,

i think your code is not working because it is a 32Bit code and not a x64 code. You can´t start this program in PB5.11x64 and PB5.31x64. All times the same error message "POLINK: error: Relocation type ADDR32 is invalid..." apears.
With PB5.11x86 and PB5.31x86 it work (and with Tailbite too) fine, see cretated lib for PB5.31x86.

http://www.flasharts.de/mpz/Tailbite/Me ... Create.zip

Tailbite can only compile and link working code...

Greetings Michael

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