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 Post subject: PB 5.72 LTS - Mac Shift key + mouse wheeel canvas issue
PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 12:09 am 

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Hi, I m working on a program that requires a canvasgadget inside a scroll area gadget and I discovered that if you place the mouse over the canvas gadget the scroll area ignores the mousehweel so you need to make a work around in order to scroll the scroll area with the mouse wheel by using a code like this

Procedure moveChipset()
  SetGadgetAttribute(#chipsetArea,#PB_ScrollArea_Y,GetGadgetAttribute(#chipsetArea,#PB_ScrollArea_Y)-GetGadgetAttribute(#chipsetCanvas, #PB_Canvas_WheelDelta))


You can see the whole code on the initial post

This workaround helps. to fix the issue with the vertical scrolling. The problem comes when you have a scroll area that also needs to be scrolled horizontally as it looks the mousewheel delta detects 0 when you tap the shift key at the same time, so there is no way to tell the program that im trying to scroll horizontally as the mousewheeldelta returns 0

Is there any workaround to this issue? or am I missing any event that returns the horizontal mousewheel in a mac?

Many thanks

Edit: I found a workaround based on the code of @wilbert here ... 332b85ccb3

What i did is the following

#NSScrollWheel        = 22

Global sharedApplication = CocoaMessage(0, 0, "NSApplication sharedApplication")
Define currentEvent, type, modifierFlags, keyCode
Define deltaX.CGFloat, deltaY.CGFloat

Procedure moveMap()
  Shared currentEvent, type, deltaX, deltaY, sharedApplication
  currentEvent = CocoaMessage(0, sharedApplication, "currentEvent")
  type = CocoaMessage(0, currentEvent, "type")
  If currentEvent
    type = CocoaMessage(0, currentEvent, "type")
    If type = #NSScrollWheel
      CocoaMessage(@deltaX, currentEvent, "deltaX")
      CocoaMessage(@deltaY, currentEvent, "deltaY")
      Debug "Mouse wheel delta (" + StrF(deltaX, 1) + "," + StrF(deltaY, 1) + ")"


But there are a couple of things i dont like about this solution
- First; it doesnt feel that smooth as my solution for the vertical scrolling, the scroll is done slower but im afraid this would be different per computer so i wont change it. (maybe im wrong) (if I multiply it x4 it works very similar to the default scrollareagadget but i donno what are the implications of doing this)
- Second: This cocoa codes feels like dark magic to me, im not sure exactly what im doing..
- Third: It wont be a multiplatform solution as cocoa is mac only (but maybe in windows this issue doesnt happen I didnt research enought and my workstation is a mac)

Any thoughts?

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 Post subject: Re: PB 5.72 LTS - Mac Shift key + mouse wheeel canvas issue
PostPosted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 5:36 am 

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Sounds a little like a problem I was having.

Scrolling a canvas gadget platform.

I produced a solution where the canvas gadget was inside a container. You can see the code here

Do not know whether it will help.


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