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PB 5.60 IDE colour phenomenon
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Author:  FihmpenRouk [ Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  PB 5.60 IDE colour phenomenon

I'm a slow adopter of new versions of PB, but now I decided to update my 5.31 to 5.60 (Windows 7 Pro x64 - running x86 versions of PB).

When loading a source code I got weird colours on the text and after a while of experimenting I concluded that it's two commented lines that causes the phenomenon. I have tried it on two computers here and it's the same.

Since I didn't have this problem with 5.31, I wonder if it's
* a bug in the 5.60 editor
* a misconfiguration of my regular expression for TODO in my prefs. (but why didn't I have problems with 5.31? Unicode?)

Screendump of my corrupt colours:

Screedump of the correct colours:

Screendump of my prefs for 'issues':

Some code to play with:
;TODO ingår i och består av för gerber (tänk på särfall som fen3sto och fen3-2plysto som bara har olika antal fens15
;TODO Om en gbr hittas som inte har någon tillhörande cmx - ge möjlighet att skapa en (bakvänd läggbild generering)

Debug GetRuntimeInteger("#PB_Editor_BuildCount")

If you remove the swedish characters {å,ä,ö}, it will work as it should. If you put back some random åäö, it will still work (at least it did for me). It's something magic with these two commented lines and I haven't managed to narrow it down more than that.

It seems the code after the commented lines doesn't matter. In the original source the code looks totally different. In the screen dumps I have a few lines and in the above test code, only one line is needed to show the corruption.

Any ideas?

Author:  FihmpenRouk [ Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PB 5.60 IDE colour phenomenon

I get the corruption like this. (I have gotten the corruption in other ways, but this seems more repetitive)
In prefs/general, tic "Auto-reload last open sources"

Load the source.
Close the IDE.
Open the IDE.
Corrupt colours.

Author:  FihmpenRouk [ Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: PB 5.60 IDE colour phenomenon

I took a little more time today with this and I have narrowed it down to only need the following code to show the discolouration:
;TODO ¤¤¤¤¤¤
;TODO fafafafa

Six special characters on the first TODO-line (not necessarily Swedish characters) and some text on the second TODO line. Must be two TODO lines after each other to trigger it.

I think I drop this. It's not a problem since I now know that I can't stack more than two TODO if I use more than five special characters on the line... :lol:

Would be interesting though, if anyone else can evoke this?

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