Save bug..

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Save bug..

Post by bfernhout »

Its actually not a real bug.

I encouter a problem by accident.
When i compile a source code and enter the name of the source code, the file is compiled correctly and saved as a exe.
But than i made a little change in the program to test something. No problem. Then i compile the code again to get a exe. By not noticing i saw the name and hit save.
Here is the problem. Normally a program that has to override an already existed program, needs to ask the user if its okay to override the already existed program.
PureBasic compiler(saver) do not ask this. The file is overwritten without asking.

Mainly this is no problem. But in my case it was. cause i wanted the keep the original and use a test file for testing.

So my question is !! can this corrected.
Trying to override a source PB is comming with the questing for overriding the previous file.

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Re: Save bug..

Post by Axolotl »

Hi bfernhout

I understand your point, but I would like to describe my way of compile and test process.

I always use Compiler | Compile/Run (F5) to test my code.
After all testing is done I use Compiler | Create Executable ...

So I do not have the problem you described with the existing behavior.

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Re: Save bug..

Post by BarryG »

bfernhout wrote:can this corrected
Answered here -> viewtopic.php?f=42&t=76856
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