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Game "Dance Life" (source)
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Author:  maslobojik [ Thu Aug 21, 2014 11:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Game "Dance Life" (source)

Somehow I developed game 5 years ago, but I didn't finish it. This project threw. Here I decided to share all practices of this game, can to whom it is required. But at once I warn that a game code to horror poor :D that at that time I had no so wide experience in programming.

Game online therefore before its start it is necessary to start the server. All files are available in source codes. BUT DON'T FORGET to CHANGE IP ADDRESS ON IN the CODE UNDER the COMMENT; - Initialize and open screen!
Data for an entrance to game:
LOGIN: 111
Source codes for PureBasic 5.30!

Game essence in dance: it is necessary to press arrows in sequence from left to right and at the time of hit of a ball to press a gap a white field. Than more precisely on the center the ball on this field will get, than it is more than points. It appears as "Well", "Badly" or "Ideally". At this moment all shooters have to be pressed.

GamePlay of this game: http://youtu.be/iLvQWIrX6rA
Source codes: https://yadi.sk/d/cl9--84DaCNGz

P.S. Sorry for bad English :)). I used translator.

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