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 Post subject: Re: [PB5.22] Possible bug getting focus in string gadget?
PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 6:20 pm 
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I already gave you here the hint to take a look into my list of cross-platform API examples. I know that it's somewhat hidden but the admins and mods don't seem to think it important enough to move that posting to a more prominent place or even make it sticky... :(

In that list you would have found links to code examples which get and set the cursor in a StringGadget. The code example thankfully linked to by c4s does even a bit more because it not only gets or sets the cursor but also returns selected text or does select text.

The example from my cross-platform list is a bit outdated because the Mac part uses the Carbon framework which is deprecated since PB 5.20. I therefore modified it for the current Cocoa framework on MacOS X:

Procedure SetCursorPosition(StringGadgetID.I, CursorPosition.I)

  CompilerSelect #PB_Compiler_OS
    CompilerCase #PB_OS_Windows
      SendMessage_(GadgetID(StringGadgetID), #EM_SETSEL, CursorPosition, CursorPosition)
    CompilerCase #PB_OS_Linux
      gtk_editable_set_position_(GadgetID(StringGadgetID), CursorPosition)
    CompilerCase #PB_OS_MacOS
      Protected Range.NSRange
      Protected TextView.I

      Range\location = CursorPosition
      Range\length = 0
      TextView = CocoaMessage(0, GadgetID(StringGadgetID), "currentEditor")

      If TextView
        CocoaMessage(0, TextView, "setSelectedRange:@", @Range)

Procedure.I GetCursorPosition(StringGadgetID.I)
  CompilerSelect #PB_Compiler_OS
    CompilerCase #PB_OS_Windows
      ProcedureReturn SendMessage_(GadgetID(StringGadgetID), #EM_GETSEL, 0, 0) >> 16
    CompilerCase #PB_OS_Linux
      ProcedureReturn gtk_editable_get_position_(GadgetID(StringGadgetID))
    CompilerCase #PB_OS_MacOS
      Protected CursorPosition.I
      Protected TextView.I = CocoaMessage(0, GadgetID(StringGadgetID), "currentEditor")

      If TextView
        CursorPosition = CocoaMessage(0, CocoaMessage(0,
          CocoaMessage(0, TextView, "selectedRanges"),
          "objectAtIndex:", 0), "rangeValue")

      ProcedureReturn CursorPosition

OpenWindow(0, 270, 100, 350, 70, "StringGadget")
StringGadget(0, 10, 20, WindowWidth(0) - 20, 25,
  "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.")
SetCursorPosition(0, 16) ; Set cursor in front of 'fox'

Debug "Current cursor postion: " + Str(GetCursorPosition(0))

Until WaitWindowEvent() = #PB_Event_CloseWindow

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