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Tip: Tiny code to play a wav file
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Author:  BackupUser [ Thu Jan 17, 2002 3:29 am ]
Post subject:  Tip: Tiny code to play a wav file

Code updated For 5.20+

Restored from previous forum. Originally posted by PB.

If you want to play a wav file without the whole LoadSound route, try this:

PlaySound_("c:\sound.wav",0,#SND_ASYNC) ; App continues after sound starts.
PlaySound_("c:\sound.wav",0,#SND_SYNC) ; App pauses until sound stops.

Note that there is NO error-checking done if you use this tiny approach, so if
the sound doesn't play for some reason, too bad.

PB - Registered PureBasic Coder

Edited by - PB on 18 January 2002 00:52:04

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