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 Post subject: NeHe's Bitmap Font Tutorial (Lesson 13)
PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:19 am 

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Code updated for 5.20+

This shows how to print bitmap fonts in OpenGL.
I added parameters to the BuildFont procedure:
font name, font height, bold, italic, symbol character set.

Last edited on 20 Feb 2007.

;NeHe's Bitmap Font Tutorial (Lesson 13)
;Credits: Nico Gruener, Dreglor, traumatic
;Author: hagibaba
;Date: 1 Jan 2007
;Note: up-to-date with PB v4.02 (Windows)

;Section for standard constants, structures, macros and declarations

CompilerIf #PB_Compiler_Unicode
  CompilerError "only works in ascii mode" 

XIncludeFile #PB_Compiler_Home+"Examples\Sources - Advanced\OpenGL Cube\OpenGL.pbi" ;include the gl.h constants

;wingdi.h constants
#ANTIALIASED_QUALITY=4 ;for CreateFont_()

;winuser.h constants

Procedure.w LoWord(value.l) ;windef.h macro
 ProcedureReturn (value & $FFFF)

Procedure.w HiWord(value.l) ;windef.h macro
 ProcedureReturn ((value >> 16) & $FFFF)

Import "glu32.lib"
 gluPerspective(fovy.d,aspect.d,zNear.d,zFar.d) ;sets up a perspective projection matrix

Import "opengl32.lib"
 glClearDepth(depth.d) ;specifies the clear value for the depth buffer

;Start of Lesson 13

Global hDC.l ;Private GDI Device Context
Global hRC.l ;Permanent Rendering Context
Global hWnd.l ;Holds Our Window Handle
Global hInstance.l ;Holds The Instance Of The Application

Global Dim keys.b(256) ;Array Used For The Keyboard Routine
Global active.b=#True ;Window Active Flag Set To TRUE By Default
Global fullscreen.b=#True ;Fullscreen Flag Set To Fullscreen Mode By Default

Global base.l ;Base Display List For The Font Set
Global cnt1.f ;1st Counter Used To Move Text & For Coloring
Global cnt2.f ;2nd Counter Used To Move Text & For Coloring

Global swidth.l ;screen width (Note: added code to print window size)
Global sheight.l ;screen height

Declare.l WndProc(hWnd.l,uMsg.l,wParam.l,lParam.l) ;Declaration For WndProc

Procedure BuildFont(name.s,height.l,bold.l,italic.b,symbol.l) ;Build Our Bitmap Font

 Protected font.l ;Windows Font ID
 Protected oldfont.l ;Used For Good House Keeping
 If bold : bold=#FW_BOLD : Else : bold=#FW_NORMAL : EndIf ;font weight
 If symbol : symbol=#SYMBOL_CHARSET : Else : symbol=#ANSI_CHARSET : EndIf ;character set
 base=glGenLists_(96) ;Storage For 96 Characters
 ;CreateFont_(Height, Width, Angle Of Escapement, Orientation Angle, Weight, Italic, Underline, Strikeout, Character Set, Output Precision, Clipping Precision, Output Quality, Family And Pitch, Name)
 font=CreateFont_(-height,0,0,0,bold,italic,#False,#False,symbol,#OUT_TT_PRECIS,#CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS,#ANTIALIASED_QUALITY,#FF_DONTCARE | #DEFAULT_PITCH,name)
 oldfont=SelectObject_(hDC,font) ;Selects The Font We Want
 wglUseFontBitmaps_(hDC,32,96,base) ;Builds 96 Characters Starting At Character 32
 SelectObject_(hDC,oldfont) ;reselect the old font again
 DeleteObject_(font) ;Delete The Font

Procedure KillFont() ;Delete The Font List

 glDeleteLists_(base,96) ;Delete All 96 Characters

Procedure glPrint(text.s) ;Custom GL "Print" Routine

 If text="" ;If There's No Text
  ProcedureReturn #False ;Do Nothing
 glPushAttrib_(#GL_LIST_BIT) ;Pushes The Display List Bits
  glListBase_(base-32) ;Sets The Base Character to 32
  glCallLists_(Len(text),#GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE,text) ;Draws The Display List Text
 glPopAttrib_() ;Pops The Display List Bits

Procedure ReSizeGLScene(width.l,height.l) ;Resize And Initialize The GL Window

 If height=0 : height=1 : EndIf ;Prevent A Divide By Zero Error
 swidth=width ;set screen width and height globals
 glViewport_(0,0,width,height) ;Reset The Current Viewport
 glMatrixMode_(#GL_PROJECTION) ;Select The Projection Matrix
 glLoadIdentity_() ;Reset The Projection Matrix
 gluPerspective(45.0,Abs(width/height),0.1,100.0) ;Calculate The Aspect Ratio Of The Window
 glMatrixMode_(#GL_MODELVIEW) ;Select The Modelview Matrix
 glLoadIdentity_() ;Reset The Modelview Matrix

Procedure.l InitGL() ;All Setup For OpenGL Goes Here

 BuildFont("Courier New",24,1,0,0) ;Build The Font
 glShadeModel_(#GL_SMOOTH) ;Enable Smooth Shading
 glClearColor_(0.0,0.0,0.0,0.5) ;Black Background
 glClearDepth(1.0) ;Depth Buffer Setup
 glEnable_(#GL_DEPTH_TEST) ;Enables Depth Testing
 glDepthFunc_(#GL_LEQUAL) ;The Type Of Depth Testing To Do
 glHint_(#GL_PERSPECTIVE_CORRECTION_HINT,#GL_NICEST) ;Really Nice Perspective Calculations
 ProcedureReturn #True ;Initialization Went OK
Procedure.l DrawGLScene() ;Here's Where We Do All The Drawing

 glClear_(#GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT | #GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT) ;Clear Screen And Depth Buffer
 glLoadIdentity_() ;Reset The View
 glTranslatef_(0.0,0.0,-1.0) ;Move One Unit Into The Screen
 ;Pulsing Colors Based On Text Position
 ;Position The Text On The Screen
 glPrint("Active OpenGL Text With NeHe - "+StrF(cnt1,2)) ;Print GL Text To The Screen
 glRasterPos2f_(-0.08+0.45*Sin(cnt2),-0.4) ;position text -0.53..0.37 across, 0.4 down
 glPrint(Str(swidth)+"x"+Str(sheight)) ;print window size at the bottom
 cnt1+0.051 ;Increase The 1st Counter
 cnt2+0.005 ;Increase The 2nd Counter
 ProcedureReturn #True ;Keep Going

Procedure KillGLWindow() ;Properly Kill The Window

 If fullscreen ;Are We In Fullscreen Mode?
  ChangeDisplaySettings_(#Null,0) ;If So Switch Back To The Desktop
  ShowCursor_(#True) ;Show Mouse Pointer
 If hRC ;Do We Have A Rendering Context?
  If wglMakeCurrent_(#Null,#Null)=0 ;Are We Able To Release The DC And RC Contexts?
   MessageBox_(#Null,"Release Of DC And RC Failed.","SHUTDOWN ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONINFORMATION)
  If wglDeleteContext_(hRC)=0 ;Are We Able To Delete The RC?
   MessageBox_(#Null,"Release Rendering Context Failed.","SHUTDOWN ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONINFORMATION)
  hRC=#Null ;Set RC To NULL
 If hDC And ReleaseDC_(hWnd,hDC)=0 ;Are We Able To Release The DC
  MessageBox_(#Null,"Release Device Context Failed.","SHUTDOWN ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONINFORMATION)
  hDC=#Null ;Set DC To NULL
 If hWnd And DestroyWindow_(hWnd)=0 ;Are We Able To Destroy The Window?
   MessageBox_(#Null,"Could Not Release hWnd.","SHUTDOWN ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONINFORMATION)
   hWnd=#Null ;Set hWnd To NULL
 If UnregisterClass_("OpenGL",hInstance)=0 ;Are We Able To Unregister Class
  MessageBox_(#Null,"Could Not Unregister Class.","SHUTDOWN ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONINFORMATION)
  hInstance=#Null ;Set hInstance To NULL
 KillFont() ;Destroy The Font

;This Code Creates Our OpenGL Window. Parameters Are:
;title - Title To Appear At The Top Of The Window
;width - Width Of The GL Window Or Fullscreen Mode
;height - Height Of The GL Window Or Fullscreen Mode
;bits - Number Of Bits To Use For Color (8/16/24/32)
;fullscreenflag - Use Fullscreen Mode (TRUE) Or Windowed Mode (FALSE)

Procedure.b CreateGLWindow(title.s,width.l,height.l,bits.l,fullscreenflag.b)

 Protected PixelFormat.l ;Holds The Results After Searching For A Match
 Protected wc.WNDCLASS ;Windows Class Structure
 Protected dwExStyle.l ;Window Extended Style
 Protected dwStyle.l ;Window Style
 Protected WindowRect.RECT ;Grabs Rectangle Upper Left / Lower Right Values
 Protected wpos.POINT ;Window position
 WindowRect\left=0 ;Set Left Value To 0
 WindowRect\right=width ;Set Right Value To Requested Width
 WindowRect\top=0 ;Set Top Value To 0
 WindowRect\bottom=height ;Set Bottom Value To Requested Height
 fullscreen=fullscreenflag ;Set The Global Fullscreen Flag
 hInstance=GetModuleHandle_(#Null) ;Grab An Instance For Our Window
 wc\style=#CS_HREDRAW | #CS_VREDRAW | #CS_OWNDC ;Redraw On Size, And Own DC For Window
 wc\lpfnWndProc=@WndProc() ;WndProc Handles Messages
 wc\cbClsExtra=0 ;No Extra Window Data
 wc\cbWndExtra=0 ;No Extra Window Data
 wc\hInstance=hInstance ;Set The Instance
 wc\hIcon=LoadIcon_(#Null,#IDI_WINLOGO) ;Load The Default Icon
 wc\hCursor=LoadCursor_(#Null,#IDC_ARROW) ;Load The Arrow Pointer
 wc\hbrBackground=#Null ;No Background Required For GL
 wc\lpszMenuName=#Null ;We Don't Want A Menu
 wc\lpszClassName=@"OpenGL" ;Set The Class Name
 If RegisterClass_(wc)=0 ;Attempt To Register The Window Class
  MessageBox_(#Null,"Failed To Register The Window Class.","ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONEXCLAMATION)
  ProcedureReturn #False
 If fullscreen ;Attempt Fullscreen Mode?
  Protected dmScreenSettings.DEVMODE ;Device Mode
  dmScreenSettings\dmSize=SizeOf(DEVMODE) ;Size Of The Devmode Structure
  dmScreenSettings\dmFields=#DM_BITSPERPEL | #DM_PELSWIDTH | #DM_PELSHEIGHT ;bit flags to specify the members of DEVMODE that were initialized
  dmScreenSettings\dmBitsPerPel=bits ;Selected Bits Per Pixel
  dmScreenSettings\dmPelsWidth=width ;Selected Screen Width in pixels
  dmScreenSettings\dmPelsHeight=height ;Selected Screen Height in pixels
  ;Try To Set Selected Mode And Get Results. Note: CDS_FULLSCREEN Gets Rid Of Start Bar
  If ChangeDisplaySettings_(dmScreenSettings,#CDS_FULLSCREEN)<>#DISP_CHANGE_SUCCESSFUL
   ;If The Mode Fails, Offer Two Options. Quit Or Use Windowed Mode
   If MessageBox_(#Null,"The Requested Fullscreen Mode Is Not Supported By"+Chr(10)+"Your Video Card. Use Windowed Mode Instead?","NeHe GL",#MB_YESNO | #MB_ICONEXCLAMATION)=#IDYES
    fullscreen=#False ;Windowed Mode Selected.  Fullscreen = FALSE
    ;Pop Up A Message Box Letting User Know The Program Is Closing
    MessageBox_(#Null,"Program Will Now Close.","ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONSTOP)
    ProcedureReturn #False
 If fullscreen ;Are We Still In Fullscreen Mode?
  dwExStyle=#WS_EX_APPWINDOW ;Window Extended Style
  dwStyle=#WS_POPUP ;Windows Style
  ShowCursor_(#False) ;Hide Mouse Pointer
  dwExStyle=#WS_EX_APPWINDOW | #WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE ;Window Extended Style
  dwStyle=#WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW ;Windows Style
 AdjustWindowRectEx_(WindowRect,dwStyle,#False,dwExStyle) ;Adjust Window To True Requested Size
 If fullscreen=0 ;if not fullscreen mode calculate screen centered window
 ;CreateWindowEx_(Extended Window Style, Class Name, Window Title, Window Style, Window X Position, Window Y Position, Width, Height, No Parent Window, No Menu, Instance, No Creation Data)
 hWnd=CreateWindowEx_(dwExStyle,"OpenGL",title,dwStyle | #WS_CLIPSIBLINGS | #WS_CLIPCHILDREN,wpos\x,wpos\y,WindowRect\right-WindowRect\left,WindowRect\bottom-WindowRect\top,#Null,#Null,hInstance,#Null)
 If hWnd=0
  KillGLWindow() ;Reset The Display
  MessageBox_(#Null,"Window Creation Error.","ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONEXCLAMATION)
  ProcedureReturn #False
 Protected pfd.PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR ;pfd Tells Windows How We Want Things To Be
 pfd\nSize=SizeOf(PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR) ;Size Of This Structure
 pfd\nVersion=1 ;Version Number
 pfd\dwFlags=#PFD_SUPPORT_OPENGL | #PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER | #PFD_DRAW_TO_WINDOW ;Format Must Support Window, OpenGL, Double Buffering
 pfd\iPixelType=#PFD_TYPE_RGBA ;Request An RGBA Format
 pfd\cColorBits=bits ;Select Our Color Depth
 pfd\cRedBits=0 ;Color Bits Ignored
 pfd\cAlphaBits=0 ;No Alpha Buffer
 pfd\cAlphaShift=0 ;Shift Bit Ignored
 pfd\cAccumBits=0 ;No Accumulation Buffer
 pfd\cAccumRedBits=0 ;Accumulation Bits Ignored
 pfd\cDepthBits=16 ;16Bit Z-Buffer (Depth Buffer)
 pfd\cStencilBits=0 ;No Stencil Buffer
 pfd\cAuxBuffers=0 ;No Auxiliary Buffer
 pfd\iLayerType=#PFD_MAIN_PLANE ;Main Drawing Layer
 pfd\bReserved=0 ;Reserved
 pfd\dwLayerMask=0 ;Layer Masks Ignored
 If hDC=0 ;Did We Get A Device Context?
  KillGLWindow() ;Reset The Display
  MessageBox_(#Null,"Can't Create A GL Device Context.","ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONEXCLAMATION)
  ProcedureReturn #False
 If PixelFormat=0 ;Did Windows Find A Matching Pixel Format?
  KillGLWindow() ;Reset The Display
  MessageBox_(#Null,"Can't Find A Suitable PixelFormat.","ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONEXCLAMATION)
  ProcedureReturn #False
 If SetPixelFormat_(hDC,PixelFormat,pfd)=0 ;Are We Able To Set The Pixel Format?
  KillGLWindow() ;Reset The Display
  MessageBox_(#Null,"Can't Set The PixelFormat.","ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONEXCLAMATION)
  ProcedureReturn #False
 If hRC=0 ;Are We Able To Get A Rendering Context?
  KillGLWindow() ;Reset The Display
  MessageBox_(#Null,"Can't Create A GL Rendering Context.","ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONEXCLAMATION)
  ProcedureReturn #False
 If wglMakeCurrent_(hDC,hRC)=0 ;Try To Activate The Rendering Context
  KillGLWindow() ;Reset The Display
  MessageBox_(#Null,"Can't Activate The GL Rendering Context.","ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONEXCLAMATION)
  ProcedureReturn #False
 ShowWindow_(hWnd,#SW_SHOW) ;Show The Window
 SetForegroundWindow_(hWnd) ;Slightly Higher Priority
 SetFocus_(hWnd) ;Sets Keyboard Focus To The Window
 ReSizeGLScene(width,height) ;Set Up Our Perspective GL Screen
 If InitGL()=0 ;Initialize Our Newly Created GL Window
  KillGLWindow() ;Reset The Display
  MessageBox_(#Null,"Initialization Failed.","ERROR",#MB_OK | #MB_ICONEXCLAMATION)
  ProcedureReturn #False
 ProcedureReturn #True ;Success

Procedure.l WndProc(hWnd.l,uMsg.l,wParam.l,lParam.l)

 Select uMsg ;Check For Windows Messages
  Case #WM_ACTIVATE ;Watch For Window Activate Message
   If HiWord(wParam)=0 ;Check Minimization State
    active=#True ;Program Is Active
    active=#False ;Program Is No Longer Active
   ProcedureReturn 0 ;Return To The Message Loop
  Case #WM_SYSCOMMAND ;Intercept System Commands
   Select wParam ;Check System Calls
    Case #SC_SCREENSAVE ;Screensaver Trying To Start?
     ProcedureReturn 0 ;Prevent From Happening
    Case #SC_MONITORPOWER ;Monitor Trying To Enter Powersave?
     ProcedureReturn 0 ;Prevent From Happening
  Case #WM_CLOSE ;Did We Receive A Close Message?
   PostQuitMessage_(0) ;Send A Quit Message
   ProcedureReturn 0 ;Jump Back
  Case #WM_KEYDOWN ;Is A Key Being Held Down?
   keys(wParam)=#True ;If So, Mark It As TRUE
   ProcedureReturn 0 ;Jump Back
  Case #WM_KEYUP ;Has A Key Been Released?
   keys(wParam)=#False ;If So, Mark It As FALSE
   ProcedureReturn 0 ;Jump Back
  Case #WM_SIZE ;Resize The OpenGL Window
   ReSizeGLScene(LoWord(lParam),HiWord(lParam)) ;LoWord=Width, HiWord=Height
   ProcedureReturn 0 ;Jump Back
 ;Pass All Unhandled Messages To DefWindowProc
 ProcedureReturn DefWindowProc_(hWnd,uMsg,wParam,lParam)

Procedure.l WinMain() ;Main Program

 Protected msg.MSG ;Windows Message Structure
 Protected done.b ;Bool Variable To Exit Loop
 ;Ask The User Which Screen Mode They Prefer
 If MessageBox_(#Null,"Would You Like To Run In Fullscreen Mode?","Start FullScreen?",#MB_YESNO | #MB_ICONQUESTION)=#IDNO
  fullscreen=#False ;Windowed Mode
 If CreateGLWindow("Nehe's Bitmap Font Tutorial",640,480,16,fullscreen)=0 ;Create The Window
  ProcedureReturn 0 ;Quit If Window Was Not Created
 While done=#False ;Loop That Runs While done=FALSE
  If PeekMessage_(msg,#Null,0,0,#PM_REMOVE) ;Is There A Message Waiting?
   If msg\message=#WM_QUIT ;Have We Received A Quit Message?
    done=#True ;If So done=TRUE
   Else ;If Not, Deal With Window Messages
    TranslateMessage_(msg) ;Translate The Message
    DispatchMessage_(msg) ;Dispatch The Message
  Else ;If There Are No Messages
   ;Draw The Scene. Watch For ESC Key And Quit Messages From DrawGLScene()
   If (active And DrawGLScene()=0) Or keys(#VK_ESCAPE) ;Active? Was There A Quit Received?
    done=#True ;ESC or DrawGLScene Signalled A Quit
  Else ;Not Time To Quit, Update Screen
    SwapBuffers_(hDC) ;Swap Buffers (Double Buffering)
   If keys(#VK_F1) ;Is F1 Being Pressed?   
    keys(#VK_F1)=#False ;If So Make Key FALSE
    KillGLWindow() ;Kill Our Current Window
    fullscreen=~fullscreen & 1 ;Toggle Fullscreen / Windowed Mode
    ;Recreate Our OpenGL Window
    If CreateGLWindow("NeHe's Bitmap Font Tutorial",640,480,16,fullscreen)=0
     ProcedureReturn 0 ;Quit If Window Was Not Created
 KillGLWindow() ;Kill The Window
 End ;Exit The Program

WinMain() ;run the main program

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:25 am 
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It's very nice of you to share these! :wink:

I like logic, hence I dislike humans but love computers.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:37 am 

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Thanks, most of the credit is to NeHe and friends of course. It usually only takes me a few hours to translate them. Not sharing them would be odd.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 10:32 am 
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Thanks a lot for sharing. I really appreciate that !!!

pe0ple ar3 str4nge!!!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 1:25 am 

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Thanks benny!

I have just updated this one. Still looks exactly the same, but now the underline parameter for BuildFont is changed to symbol. So you can load "wingdings" font now. I thought it was better than having the underline option. :)

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