New Interview with Fred and freak released

Hi folks, Happy New Year 2016!

I’m proudly presenting a new interview I made with the main PureBasic coders Frederic ‘alphaSND’ Laboureur and Timo ‘freak’ Harter.

You can read it on my website, just go to the ‘News’ section of 4th January 2016.

I hope you enjoy the reading of this (like I find) interesting interview!

(Direct link to the interview)

3 thoughts on “New Interview with Fred and freak released

  1. TI-994A

    Great interview, Andre! Very interesting and informative, and a raring good start to the blog.

    Thank you, and thanks to the team captains as well.

  2. Charles

    I am very interested in buying your PureBasic program for the Mac. I really like the structure and the IDE. It is a great “systems” design… the best I have tried to use.

    Some Background: My partner and I developed a very detailed PC Launch Vehicle / Rocket performance program circa 1990 for Air Force contractors shortly after we both retired from the USAF. It was done in Basic but I no longer have the complier nor do I remember the type Basic (or version) we used and I have long since changed from using a PC to a Mac. He did most of the heavy coding I did some and all the testing and sales activities. My partner passed away about 2 years ago at age 92 and me now at age 72, I am retired and looking for technical projects to keep the old brain active. I am thinking about trying to get this program to work using your PureBasic program. This seems like a fun and challenging long-term activity and maybe I can get my grandkids interested in being a “rocket scientist”.

    The program has two primary *.exe files. One the UTILITY program of about 200 lines of code, the other MAIN program of about 1,800 lines with many small data files that are created by the program and used as inputs to execute the launch vehicle design and performance capability.

    I have loaded the UTILITY program using the trial Mac download of PureBasic and it fits but I am getting a lot of syntax errors due to the differences in the 2 versions of Basic. I have been researching “free” downloads of the older versions of basic and using a 10+ year old PC been trying to determine the version of Basic with little success. I am guessing of version of QuickBasic, QB45, maybe up to QB64 and trying to understand what various code conventions so I can convert them to your PureBasic.

    The first question will PureBasic be able to handle a program of ~2,500 lines of code as I will likely add more documentation lines?

    The second question any suggestions of how to determine the version of Basic we used and the “biggie” how do I convert the old code to your program? I can provide a copy of the UTILITY program code if that would be helpful. If I can get that to work then I can tackle the MAIN program with a reasonable probability of success.

    I think I understand the detailed rocket science “equations and code” but it is all the other code for keyboard input, displays on the Mac screen, printing input and output data, and displaying and printing graphs that seem to be my biggest problem. I have looked at your 1678 page Reference Manual and Willoughby’s 336 page shorter version and I am still confused as they seem to talk more about using a PC than a Mac version of PureBasic.

    Can you help?


  3. gesar

    Hello young man, i don’t know if 2000 lines is possible ,you can split with procedure. Yes there are some difference in syntax but its easy to “make change in all” without modify program logical. I have translate some modules from QB release 7 (i always use QB7 thanks Bill G. do you remember when you control code of your programers ?).

    But why you don’t buy a licence PureBasic , is available for all OS and NO TIME LIMIT !
    I confirm is a pleasure ! Easy to start programming for young people.

    In 1978 i have work in French Air Army for simulate Air-Air missile, i can help you for translate if you agree.

    Best regards
    Yvan from Paris

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